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Happy Thanksgiving everyone (a little late)! I hope you were all able to spend quality time with your family and friends over the holiday. There is nothing like Thanksgiving to make us slow down, take a pit stop from our busy year, and remember to take time to enjoy those we love. The hustle of everyday life has a way of pulling our attention away from the people who need and deserve it the most. I sure hope you were able to take a step back this week and refocus a bit.

So how does Chiropractic have anything to do with spending quality time with your family? I’ll answer that question with a question: Is the time you have with your family spent at its optimum level? Basically, is it quality time in which you are physically and mentally engaged, or are you unable to fully take advantage of the time because of an unhealthy body/mind?

My wife, daughter, and I were invited to Sea World San Antonio by some friends this past weekend, and we had a blast! I would say that it was a successful and fun family day. However, as we were walking around the park (and walking a lot!) my ‘Chiropractic eye’ couldn’t help but notice the gait, walking postures, and level of disability of quite a few people around us. Watching some of these people made me very appreciative that my wife and I are able to fully utilize our time with our daughter, but at the same time made me sad to know that so many people can’t.

One example: We took a mid-afternoon snack break at a playground/eating area before walking to our final show of the day. Our daughter has only been walking for about 3 months, so one of us has to (gets to) stay with her constantly while she climbs, slides, and plays. While sliding down one of the bigger slides with her (for the umpteenth time) I noticed a young boy trying to pull his dad toward the playground. It was obvious that the dad was experiencing lower back pain by his posture– bent over, hand on the small of his back, pain written all over his face. Just imagine those Icy Hot pain patch commercials. His lower back pain was obviously affecting his time with his son, and he wasn’t happy about it. When my turn with Bridget was up and my wife took over I looked to where the gentleman had been, thinking to start up a conversation (or as my wife says…putting my nose in it), but he had left. Maybe Chiropractic care could have helped this particular person optimize his time with his family, and maybe not. He might be one of the way-too-few who utilize good Chiropractic care, and has an appointment with his Chiropractor on Monday. I don’t know. What I DO know though, is that good Chiropractic care will go a long ways to help you improve your health and therefore improve your time with your loved ones.

Spinal pain (neck, back, sciatica, etc) gets you down. Knowing that you cannot spend time with your family because you are hurting takes huge psychological toll on you. Chiropractic is the cheapest, safest, and most effective way to deal with the spinal problems that get you down. Short story long, find yourself a good Chiropractor. You (and your family) deserve to have you at as close to 100% as possible. We can help you get the most out of the time you are able to spend with your family.

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Oh man, now we’re opening up a can of worms! Brooke and I seem to field a higher number of questions about insurance every week. With premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and covered procedures changing daily (and not for the better) your frustration is understandable. In the 10 years I have been a Chiropractor I have never seen insurance ‘get better’, only worse. Unfortunately that trend is going to continue.

If you’re one of those people out there pulling their hair out trying to figure out why you are paying so much for so little, remember two things: 1. Insurance companies are businesses. They are out to make money, not to help you. 2. Your insurance company DOES NOT decide what kind of care you have, you do.

#1 is pretty much self explanatory. For the insurance company to survive and thrive as a company, they need to bring in more money (your premiums) and pay out less (what they pay your doctors). If they both charge more and pay less their profit margin will grow much faster than if they did just one or the other. I mean come on…insurance CEO’s deserve their own private planes, yachts, and islands don’t they? Don’t get upset about this, it’s just business.

#2 is a little tougher to explain. We buy health insurance to help us reduce our out-of-pocket costs at the doctor, or in this case Chiropractor. But what if you need more care than what your insurance covers? What if your insurance deems your care as an uncovered service? This happens a lot. As a matter of fact, we have seen some extreme cases in here. Earlier this year we had a young new patient come in with a herniated disc, radiating pain down his leg, and inability to take care of his own basic everyday needs (like dressing himself). After exam, x-ray, and an MRI review we recommended several weeks of care at three times a week. His insurance company required a pre-authorization, so we submitted all of his paperwork, diagnosis, and everything else they requested. Guess how many visits his insurance company allowed for his (very severe) case. 3. 3 visits to help alleviate the pain of one of the worst cases I have seen this year. Needless to say the 3 visits were not enough, so the patient ended up paying out of pocket to complete his treatment cycle…and had great results. What is the moral of this story? Even if your insurance company doesn’t pay for your healthcare you can still get it. Don’t let your health insurance dictate your true health.

We are currently in network with Blue Cross (BCBS) Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare (UHC), Medicare, and a few others. If the current insurance trend continues I doubt any Chiropractor anywhere will be accepting health insurance in 10 years. Does that mean you should not pursue good Chiropractic care? No, it just means you might have to budget for it.

Have a great day, and as always feel free to call us with any questions you might have!

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Holy Moly, it’s been a long time since I last posted on this blog. I apologize to anyone who has been wondering where we went. Well, it’s been a great and hectic year.

In August of last year my wife and I had our first baby, Bridget. As most of you know, babies put a lot of great stress on your life. I have unfortunately allowed that extra time and stress steal a few things from my day-to-day. No more! Time to get back on the horse.

So, let’s combine Chiropractic and babies in our first blog post back. You might be asking yourself what Chiropractic has to do with babies and birth. The answer would be A LOT. Our daughter’s story illustrates that to a small degree:

Bridget’s birth was pretty traumatic. Labor and delivery seemed to be progressing fairly well for the most part, but when Bridget started crowning and my wife really started pushing Bridget’s heart rate plummeted. Long story short, the cord was wrapped around her neck, cutting off blood supply and oxygen to her little body. On delivery she was not breathing and was blue as could be. When the nurses carted her off to another part of the room and I understood what was happening fear set in quickly. Our baby isn’t breathing? I stood helpless for what felt like a day, but was really only a second or two. Then my Chiropractic training set in, and I knew what to do. Adjust her. As soon as the nurses cleared her airway I asked them to step aside for a few seconds while I palpated her upper back and neck for subluxations and adjusted what I found (she had a big one in her upper back…the area where the nerves to the lungs originate). I then stepped away to check on my wife and let the nurses get back to work, and watched as Bridget began to breath more normally and gain some color. A few more adjustments over the next couple of days and a little time to let her body work it’s magic, and she’s not had any trouble with her lungs (or anything, really) 13 months later. She’s a healthy and happy little girl.

So, why did an adjustment help Bridget’s lungs kick into gear? Quite simply, just like an adult a baby’s nervous system arises from it’s spine. If a subluxation (or bone out of place, pinching a nerve) cuts off nerve supply to a part of their body, that part will not work correctly. Bridget’s brain could not tell her lungs how to work as a result of her upper back subluxations. Once those subluxations were adjusted her body was able to start performing as it was meant to. The same principle applies to people of every age (starting at minutes old). If a person’s spine is subluxated he cannot be truly healthy, no matter what age.

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Why do people in Taylor get sick?   Leave a comment

I had a very interesting conversation with a patient this morning about getting ‘sick’.  Her grandson has stayed with her for a few days because his entire family, except for him, came down with a bug last week and are down and out.  This led to the question:  “why is it that if a whole family is exposed to a bug some get sick and others don’t?”

Let’s go back to Freshman Biology and the Germ THEORY of disease.  Yes,  theory is in bold for a reason.  Back in the early 1800’s scientists started looking for the true cause of diseases.  Based on research by several very smart men it was postulated that germs are the cause of most disease.  This led to the development of improved sanitation and antibiotics, which is definitely a good thing.  However, it has been 200+ years since the Germ Theory of disease was developed and it has remained a THEORY, and not changed to a LAW.  In other words, the Germ Theory of disease has not yet been proven.

So why do some people get ‘sick’ when they contract a virus or bacteria?  Frankly, ‘sicknesses’ are caused by the individual’s inability to fight off the bug, not the bug itself.  In other words; disease is caused by a weak immune system, not by pathogens. 

Take as an example a classroom of 2nd graders during cold season.  If one kid contracts a cold at home he is going to bring that virus to school and expose every one of his classmates to it (2nd graders aren’t really known for their cleanliness).  Why is it that only some of his classmates will ‘get the cold’?  Why do some kids go an entire year without ‘getting sick’?  The answer is simple – some kids have stronger immune systems than others, and are able to fight off whatever bug is introduced into their body.

I like analogies, and here’s the best one I can use to describe the fallacy of the Germ Theory of disease:  Let’s say the Canadian Mounties decide to invade and conquer the United States.  Laughable, huh?  But what if the United States did absolutely nothing but sit back and watch the Canadian Mounties ride into the White House and take over the country?  Who is at fault here?  Is the invading Canadian Mounties (germs), or the complacent US Military (immune system)? 

Disease in your body is not caused by the pathogens you come into contact with, it is caused by your weak immune system.  Do you want the ability to fight off disease?  Would you like your kids to never have a ‘sick day’ from school?  Would you like to get through the entire cold and flu season without worrying about getting ‘sick’?  Start taking care of your body!  Strengthen your internal army so that no invaders can set their claim.  Eat right, exercise, keep a positive mental attitude, stay away from toxins and unnecessary medication, and above all else SEE A GOOD CHIROPRACTOR to keep your nervous system and therefore immune system tuned-up!

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‘Health takes work.’  That is probably the most true statement in all of healthcare.  I’ve been a Chiropractor for 8+ years now, and have seen countless ‘miracle cures’ come and go.  Special drinks, lower back exercisers, magic pills, ‘super non-invasive’ surgeries, to name a few.  Most of these have gone by the wayside as people realize they don’t really work that well or worse….they’re dangerous.

Becoming healthy is like earning a paycheck.  I don’t know of too many companies that will give their employees a paycheck for just showing up at work.  It takes effort, time, sweat, and sometimes discomfort to earn your take-home.  It takes effort, time, sweat, and sometimes a little discomfort to earn your health, too.  But it’s worth it.

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Hey everyone,

It’s been quite a while since I last posted, and I apologize.  Jenn and I have had some pretty interesting life events over the last few months, and my attention has been diverted.

We’re pregnant!  Baby is 16.5 weeks as of today.  All of you parents out there probably know the stress you put yourself under when you’re having a baby.  Do we vaccinate?  Do we ultrasound?  Should we have genetic testing?  Birthing center, home birth, or hospital?  There are so many uncertainties with a new baby!

Jenn and I have discussed our ‘plan’ extensively.  Now, we’re not silly enough to think that everything in and after our pregnancy will go as expected.  But, here are a few of our decisions and why:

1.  We are not going to vaccinate.  As far as I can tell there is just as much research against vaccinating as there is for vaccinating (Be wary, though.  Most of the ‘pro’ vaccine research is done by vaccine companies and their affiliates!).  My take:  I am not convinced that vaccinations are really warding off disease in our children, and I’d prefer not to inject my child with loads of poison.  The risk:  Baby might contract whooping cough (even though 81% of cases last year HAD the vaccination), measles, mumps, or something else.  The reward:  Independent research suggests vaccinations (especially at the high doses of today) lead to systemic diseases (asthma, etc.) and developmental diseases (ADHD, autism).  If Baby ends up with a systemic or developmental problem Jenn and I will be able to rest assured that it was not because we made an uneducated, under-researched decision.

2.  We are going to do everything in our power to make sure Baby eats naturally and learns how to eat naturally.  Yes there will be occasional treats, and yes we understand this is probably harder than it sounds.  Most of a person’s learned life behaviors come from their parents.  Diets have become increasingly unhealthy over the last few decades, culminating in an epidemic of malnutrition in America.  Most people have plenty to eat, they just don’t eat what their bodies need.  We plan to teach Baby everything we can about eating what his/her body needs to not just survive, but thrive.  Hopefully he/she will never know what a McDonald’s serves!

3.  We are probably going to have the baby naturally in a hospital.  This decision is 100% Jenn’s.  Birth is TRAUMATIC for the mom, but more so for the baby.  Jenn and I agree that the birthing process should be as close to natural as possible to decrease the chances for chemical and physical stress on Baby.  Even an uncomplicated delivery puts a huge amount of physical stress on the baby.  If Baby needs to be ‘pulled’ he/she will have upwards of 40 pounds of pressure on his/her tiny little neck.  This can not only damage the spine, but also the nerves.

4.  Baby will be adjusted immediately at birth, and regularly thereafter to make sure he/she grows and develops as well as possible.  Adjustments aren’t just for symptoms, they unimpede the nervous system, which allows a baby’s nervous system to drive growth and development.  Baby will also be taught to seek out an adjustment as the first line of defense to all his/her sicknesses.  We plan on teaching Baby that medicine is not necessary 99% of the time, and that his/her body will heal itself if allowed.

Again, we know that plans are just that….plans.  Hopefully when it is all said and done Jenn and I will be able to comfortably say that we did everything in our power to teach Baby how to thrive as a healthy person.

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Slow suicide   Leave a comment

By now we all know that of our daily choices will lead to an earlier grave.  Smoking, excessive drinking, illicit drugs, etc are known to steal our lives.  What other suicidal choices are you making everday? 

Medication?  Not exercising?  Artificial foods/sweeteners?  Carrying stress?  Missed your Chiropractic appointment?

Take a hard look at yourself and evaluate your daily decisions.  I did, and what I saw wasn’t pretty. 

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